Frequently Asked Questions



Why will Ease Rehab and Wellness not accept insurance?

Ease Rehab and Wellness does not file insurance claims on behalf of patients.  Upon request, we can provide you with an invoice containing all the information you will need to file an insurance claim with your insurance provider if you choose to do so.  

Therapists in clinics that participate with private insurance plans are required to see 2 – 4 patients per hour and can usually only spend an average of 15 minutes of one-on-one time with each patient.  This typically leads to multiple patients present at the same time which results in aides, assistants or technicians left to instruct patients on exercises while the therapist is attending to others. At Ease Rehab and Wellness you receive an entire hour with Dr. Estock.  NEVER are you passed to assistants or tech’s. This results in a much higher quality of care, superior overall experience, improved patient rapport and much faster healing.

You will be provided a tailored plan of care to meet your individual needs with the goal of getting you better faster.  Since there are no constraints of third-party contracts, you are provided with the highest standards of care, incorporate the latest evidence, and provided with an array of options for getting the most out of your treatment. By eliminating the inefficiency of chasing down dwindling insurance reimbursements, the time, money and energy saved can be transferred directly to what counts…the patient!

Not only is this is a superior way to deliver the best possible care to our patients, but it saves them both time and money.  You will save time and money with Ease Rehab and Wellness. Keep reading to find out how.


The Math:  Choose Ease Rehab and Wellness where you will save time and money and be feeling better faster!


Most patients with private insurance plans have co-pays from $30-$75 with the average being $50 for physical therapy services. Even if you are on the bottom end of those numbers and your current co-pay for physical therapy is $30 you will save money in the long run with Ease Rehab and Wellness’ services.  The average range of number of visits per patient in the typical outpatient physical therapy clinic for each aliment is 12-24 visits varying based on the patient’s specific condition. This breaks down to 2-3 times per week for 6-12 weeks. If your are at the low end of the co-pay ($30) AND you are only asked to schedule 12 visits then you will still be paying $60/week for 6 weeks.  This total cost to you is $360. Remember this factors in the lowest likely scenario with most patients paying much more in the $800-900 range for mid-range visits and co-pays and even up into the thousands of dollars as the table below illustrates.

Average Cost of Traditional Physical Therapy:

Best physical therapy for the money

If Dr. Estock and Ease Rehab and Wellness treated this same patient from the example above at a cost of $75/visit for a complete hour, with an average of 1-2 visits per week for 3-4 weeks, their total cost would only be as low as $225 and not more than $600.

These cost savings are magnified if your insurance classifies physical therapy under a specialist co-pay, if you have a high deductible on your insurance plan, if your insurance company has denied further PT for your condition, or if you have used all of your allotted visits for the year.  


These scenarios all have one thing in common; you are going to pay out of pocket for your care…but the choice is easy! Either choose to pay more for less individual care and a longer healing time or choose Ease Rehab and Wellness where you will save time and money and be feeling better faster!

How should I dress for my appointment?

Loose fitting clothing should be worn that allows access to the treatment area. Gym Shorts for males and gym shorts and a sports bra if need be for females.


I have had PT in the past and it did not work. How is Ease Rehab different?

Ease Rehab and Wellness uses only evidenced based medicine, meaning, we won’t do any intervention that isn’t supported by research. Some of the treatments you may receive are dry needling, instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, red light therapy, joint manipulation and blood flow restricted training. Chances are you haven’t received all of those interventions in the past. Dr. Estock believes in treating not just the symptoms but all facets of the problem. First, correct joint abnormalities. Second, correct any soft tissue or muscle problems. Last, re-educate the muscles to function normally once again., Dr. Estock’s many treatment techniques are perfectly tailored to correct and heal the patient using the above treatment model. Give us a try and experience the difference.


What should I do after a treatment session?

After a treatment session Dr. Estock will give you specific instruction that are pertinent to your condition. However, patients should always drink plenty of water when working with soft tissue injuries and exercising. Secondly, a good rule of thumb is to not engage in any activity that reproduces your symptoms. Lastly, follow the provided post treatment instructions.