Our Services

Here you can explore some of the services available at Ease Rehab and Wellness

Phone Consult

Have a question about an injury? Need some advice? Get a 10 min consult via phone.

Video Conference/Evaluation

Can’t wait for a house call? Need more than just a phone consult? Ease Rehab and Wellness offers video conferencing evaluation (Telehealth) (West Virginia and Ohio Residents ONLY).

Home Evaluation

Enjoy physical therapy evaluation and treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Topical Pain Relief

Natural pain relief products for sale.

About Ease Rehab and Wellness


Ease Rehab and Wellness was started in 2019. It is the vision and dream of owner Dr. Jared Estock, Physical Therapist. Over the course of practice Dr. Estock had become frustrated with forcing patients into an automatic 12-18 visits, treatment being dictated by insurance and even worse sharing appointments with other patients. Dr. Estock knew he could give his patients a better experience and an even more effective treatment. They deserve it!

Ease Rehab and Wellness follows a cash based practice model. The difference is Ease Rehab and Wellness offers treatment in the comfort of your own home. This is provided via a teleheatlh or video conferencing visit or hands on treatment in the comfort of your own home. Ease Rehab and Wellness is here to Ease your pain away!

Result driven treatments!


All treatments provided by Ease Rehab and Wellness are evidence based. This means treatments will never be done just because they might help. Ease Rehab only uses treatments that are shown to be highly effective and research supported. Treatment will also be provided by a practitioner certified in that technique. The list of treatment techniques below is not comprehensive:

– Spinal Manipulation (neck and back “cracking”)

– IASTM (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization)

– Dry Needling

– BFR (blood flow restricted therapy)

– Massage

– Muscle Energy Techniques

– Concussion Treatment

– Red Light Therapy

– Corrective Exercises

– Preventative Exercises



New Red Light Therapy comes to the Valley. Tired of your current pricey membership plans? We are too! Joovv on out of your current wellness center and treat yourself to the Valley’s most advanced Red Light Therapy! Introducing Platinum LED Light Therapy @ Ease Rehab and Wellness.

Platinum LED Therapy Lights

Both the R+ and NIR+ spectrum arrays are used in conjunction with one another to deliver unmatched therapeutic value that has never before been witnessed in an LED therapy light device..

Full body Treatment

Over 300 3 watt LEDs to help with pain, inflammation, testosterone, hair loss skin disease etc.

Targeted Treatment

Over 100 3 watt LEDs to treatment pain, inflammation on the go!

What Clients Are Saying

Real life patients sharing their experience with Ease Rehab and Wellness.



” Jared is a caring Physical Therapist who puts the needs of his patients first. He is dedicated and makes sure he addresses every issue during your visit! I have suffered from headaches due to tightness in my neck for several years. After meeting Jared, he has pinpointed the cause of my headaches and after a single visit the pressure in my head subsides. I highly recommend Jared and I’m always grateful for his dedication with helping me with my headaches and neck. “



” I have been a patient of Dr Estock’s for many years. He is the most caring and compassionate medical professional I have ever met.  He listens to all of your concerns and makes sure that you treated with the best care.  You go in as a patient and leave as a friend! “